Because love should feel effortless + free.
I vibe with those crazy in love who know they haven't settled for mediocre. Those who know we're going to kill it as a team.

Love is that one day away is too long. That being in that persons’ presence takes away any worries or burdens on your mind. The feeling that everything can fall apart but that person is still in your corner. The feeling that things are so in order and your life is so straight but moments still feel so wild + carefree. Details don’t matter, it’s always the bigger picture. That a love story is to be told. Come be wild for awhile, babe.

So, you need a photographer eh?

Hey You! Let' s Hang
You're here 'cause you're ready to go wild for awhile. Let loose, forget your worries, + just be in this exciting time. I'm Chelsea Bollinger, photographer for you babes crazy in love and effortless in nature. Connecting with my couples is everything to me. Let's be a pair. Let's kill it.
But I want you to feel it. I want you to KNOW it's right. Explore some more then let's dream together.

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