Now booking for the 2022 wedding season

I do things different. I am different. I want to KNOW you + be your friend. Not just someone you hired to get this 'done." Photography is the only thing that lasts after the food and alcohol is gone and the flowers have died. I recently have been limiting my schedule to make the couples I do get lucky enough to serve unique and not the one fits all photographer experience. If I am over booked most likely I will experience creative burnout and no one needs that from their photographer! I am here to help you, break the mold, and make this an unforgettable experience for you! 

if you've made it this far and are chomping at the bits to chat, we're probably on to something

the experience //

I want to adapt to you. Every couple is DIFFERENT, every story is different, every wedding is different. your love is your love. I want to tell that in the most true fashion. Sometimes couples have NO idea what they're looking for in a photographer, they just know they see something and they like it. But I want you to know we can tell the  story of YOUR love. 

Style of photography is huge when it comes to booking a photographer.

Staying true to you

You truly spend SO much time with your photographer. I know getting photos taken can be nerve racking and you think you're awkward, but I promise by the end of it you will be laughing and saying how much fun you had. I will make sure of it. 

Liking and trusting your photographer can make or break the experience

Connection & Trust

I have seen SO much, trust me. I can help with the DOs, & the Don'ts. I can give insight on how to help your day go as smooth as possible. Anything I can do to make this less stressful for you, I will. 

You are probably only planning one wedding this is what i Do.

I'm Here to help

The amount of times brides and grooms have started out a sentence.. "well my mom wants me to..." or " I wanted to do this but.." YOU GUYS. It is YOUR day, not your moms. Want to run around bare foot and not have something blue? DO IT. Want to say I do with JUST your spouse and nothing else but the open sky and your intimate words to each other? DO IT. Once again I am here to help. I am here to dream it up together. No Idea is too far fetched, make it YOU. 

it's YOUR day. Let's do it your way.

Break the Mold

What I do want is to be the photographer for YOU. If you aren't feeling called or connected to a photographer, DON'T FORCE IT. I promise you will feel it. Cheesy, but when you know you know. 

Nor do I want to be.

I'm not for everyone

let's walk through the steps //

You can't be your best for others unless you know your worth. I have put a lot of years and time into what i do. A ton of couples who have trusted me and loved me. i serve those who see the true value in the quality of service i provide. 


After 9 seasons +  shooting over 300 weddings I offer a set of packages I am confident is perfect to capture your best day. Custom collections available. 

starting at // $6500


Less than 25 people in attendance are required for elopement pricing. Custom quotes available for out of state elopements.

starting at // $3500


portrait sessions include family, maternity, creative/branding, engagements, couples, anniversaries, and bridals. 

starting at // $750


Not quite seeing what you're looking for? Don't worry, I've got you covered. Just click on the link below and fill out my contact form with all the fun details and we'll make it happen!

starting at // custom


Less than 75 people in attendance to be available for intimate wedding pricing. Custom quotes available for travel intimate weddings. 

starting at // $4500

intimate weddings

From east coast to west coast Italy to Costa Rica and Iceland. Nowhere is too far! My bags are packed. 

starting at // $7500

Travel weddings

"I think I have stared at our wedding photos about a thousand times already. I honestly don't think I can describe how beautiful they are to Will and I. To say you made us look good would be the biggest understatement EVER! Every single one of my friends and family are amazed by you! They all have said these are the best wedding pictures they have ever seen."

Thank you for being one of the kindest and warmest human beings ever and making our day so fun."

"You killed it and are SO talented We can't stop talking about it. It was the best day ever and we couldn't have asked for a better person to capture it or lead the charge of the creative team You are amazing and we are so thankful for you and can't wait to see everything!! It feels like a dream and we can't thank you enough."

You made us feel so confident and comfortable and also so good at instructing."

You've made our lives so easy throughout wedding planning and rescheduling madness. You're just a fabulous photographer and business woman and I am so happy I chose you. I 100% know there wasn't a better match out there for us and I am just so thankful we get to work together and always will be."

You are always so professional, quick to respond, thorough, detailed and positive."

" I just wanted to let you know I was sitting here working on some weddings and was thinking how great vendors make everything much more enjoyable and you're one of those vendors. I love working with you and you make the job such a joy. I'm glad we get to keep doing it in the future."

"Great vendors just make everything so much more enjoyable."

Love notes //