Based in Oklahoma but traveling worldwide. I have worked with couples in multiple countries and photographed over 300 weddings. What makes me most passionate about being a photographer is making my clients feel so loved and beautiful and capturing this exact special season they are in no matter what that may be! I am here to capture REAL, RAW life because your love story is worth remembering. 

I'm Chelsea Reece - award winning photographer.

hello THERE //

We are goofy, crazy in love, spontaneous, adventurous, + so excited to just be alive everyday. We love to travel spending quality time in new places. We love to dream. We want to adopt. We spend as much time outdoors as we can. We LOVE Jesus. We LOVE our people. We LOVE our family. We are incredibly thankful everyday for all we have been blessed with. 

How we are in this exact moment in time in our lives. how we feel, how we love, how we kiss and touch. how we age, how we push the hair our of our loves face. I want that captured for you. The real stuff. The unposed. The true in between moments. How I know your heart skips a beat. The little things. The things that are so much better than trying to put into words.

what i care about most are the people in my life i love & i know you do too. 

My why //

xx, Chelsea 

COUPLES WHO AREN'T AFRAID TO GET DIRTY + LET THEIR HAIR DOWN OR EMBRACE THE CHAOS OF FEARLESS LOVE. Those who forget about the details and just live in the moments. 


"I think I have stared at our wedding photos about a thousand times already. I honestly don't think I can describe how beautiful they are to Will and I. To say you made us look good would be the biggest understatement EVER! Every single one of my friends and family are amazed by you! They all have said these are the best wedding pictures they have ever seen."

Thank you for being one of the kindest and warmest human beings ever and making our day so fun."

"You killed it and are SO talented We can't stop talking about it. It was the best day ever and we couldn't have asked for a better person to capture it or lead the charge of the creative team You are amazing and we are so thankful for you and can't wait to see everything!! It feels like a dream and we can't thank you enough."

You made us feel so confident and comfortable and also so good at instructing."

You've made our lives so easy throughout wedding planning and rescheduling madness. You're just a fabulous photographer and business woman and I am so happy I chose you. I 100% know there wasn't a better match out there for us and I am just so thankful we get to work together and always will be."

You are always so professional, quick to respond, thorough, detailed and positive."

" I just wanted to let you know I was sitting here working on some weddings and was thinking how great vendors make everything much more enjoyable and you're one of those vendors. I love working with you and you make the job such a joy. I'm glad we get to keep doing it in the future."

"Great vendors just make everything so much more enjoyable."

Love notes //