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Dawn is the QUEEN of creating presets for photographers and I knew when she reached out this sacred part of my photography journey would be in the hands of someone I trusted to finally create a streamline preset that is easy for photographers to use and achieve the look to their photos that they desire or are inspired by my editing style. 

These presets are creamy enough to still let you feel a little moody, bright and true enough to make you feel less edity, all while focusing on keeping skin tones up to my standards as that is always my MAIN focus on editing. 

The preset pack includes 6 color presets as well as 2 black and white presets! Mobile Presets will be available soon! 

Chelsea Reece X Dawn Charles Presets

the Presets // 

My one on one mentorships are $950. This includes a full day of hanging out! If you decide a mentorship with me is what you are called to do for your business this is what the day would look like!

-Meet up for coffee/smoothie/margarita— your beverage of choice to go over it all. I want to know where you’re at.. where you want to go.. where you’ve been. This allows me to FULLY understand and know what I can offer you and how we can get you to those goals you are seeking, quick. 
-Live shoot together to go over shooting techniques, lighting inspiration, posing, any camera questions, etc! 
-After the shoot we sit back down for a pretty extensive end to our day to go over allllll the business things. 

So what do they include and how do I sign up?

Mentorships are SO special to my heart/my absolutely FAVORITE style of teaching. It’s intimate. Beautiful. So deep in connection, conversation, heart to hearts, and lifelong friendships. I get somewhat weird over my mentorees. Like a motherlike way. Seeing a baby bird blossom warms my heart. I LOVE sharing the best of the best knowledge, the ups and downs, the secrets, the how to’s, the DO NOT DO’s, the client goods and bags. EVERYTHING. You want to know, I want to teach you. I am truly an open book when it comes to mentorships, no gatekeeping. 

With over a decade of experience now, trust me. I’ve seen it. Dealt with it. Learned it. Or figured it out. Don’t swim alone. There is incredible room here for everyone and photography has blessed my life and career path more than I could ever explain and I just want that for you too. 


Mentorships // $950

* Contracts
* Work + website critiques
* Editing and workflow 
* Advertising 
* $$$$
* Talking care of your clients while still staying firm in running your business 
* Headshots if you’d like 
* Website critique 
* Products I think you NEED 
* Taxes
* Anything and everything, open q&A
* A bomb photographerfriendship for life! 

* Fresh start with a Q&A to go over the freshest thoughts in your mind
* Afterward portfolio/website critique 
* Access to a discount to my presets/online educational resources
* Contract questions 
* Client Experience 
* Taxes/contracts/advertisement 
* Pretty much anything we can fit into an hour and that isn’t done in person

A Skype session would include:

I know in person learning can sometimes be difficult with schedules and investment so I do also offer Skype sessions! Skype sessions are 1 hour to ask me anything your brain has been wanting to know! I can also screen share and include live editing with you if you’d like! Please let me know beforehand if this is something you are interested in!

Skype Mentorship Sessions // $400

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Want to know allllll the best kept secrets and HOW the heck to achieve it while making money and not doing it “just for travel costs?” 

I have traveled to more states than I can count and a handful of different countries to photograph couples for the past several years. Over time I have really found a niche in marketing myself to the BEST of the best clients all around the world and would LOVE to open up that possibility for you. In this guide you will find EVERYTHING you need to know when it comes to pricing for travel weddings, how to market to them, and most importantly, how to MAKE MONEY while doing it.

Introducing so much of my heart — Chelsea Reece Co the Traveling weddings guide. 

Have a heart for photographing couples AND traveling the world?

Online Education //